Container Greenhouse

Our Container Greenhouse adopts an integrated design, all grow equipments are installed and contained within the container. The equipments can be transported directly to the customer's site by trailer and configured in a short time. After connecting the water supply, plumbing and power supply, the Container Greenhouse will be operational.                    

Its main features are as follows:

  • Resistance toward Elements, unaffected by temperature, humidity, altitude and severe climate
  • Modular design,  its intelligent packaging allows easy transportation.
  • System integration modularization:Modularization of product components; 
  • Adopt automatic waste water recycle system to protect natural resource and achieve intelligent production;
  • The cultivation frame module features high strength, clean outlook and easy maintenance;
  • Patented LED light configuration ensure unrivaled quality, and significant energy saving;
  • Adopt equipments that are environmental friendly and  energy saving to achieve efficient and stable production;
  • Produce organic vegetables that are pesticide free to ensure food safety

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