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Who We Are

Plant Factory™ Corp is a subsidiary of FT-AGRO which is an experienced Manufacturer for Agricultural Modular Container for In-Door cultivation, auxiliary equipment, with professional design, machining, and cultivation experiences.In PlantFactory, we can provide clients professional cultivation solutions which utilize our Intelligent Environmental Monitoring and Control System to proactive control and monitor the temperature, moisture, light irradiation, and Co2 concentration, to suit targeted plants, to achieve higher yield, reduce growth cycle, enhance harvest quality. With all those measures in place, our systems ensure year-around growth of plants, unaffected by local climates. With our vertical growing system, clients can reduce the use of farmland, prevent environmental pollutions, and produce organic crops. 

Suitable Plants

Currently, PlantFactory is capable of growing more than 300 different species of plants, and among them 60-70 of common crops, such as lettuce, green vegetables, tomatoes, peppers and so on. For example, Lettuce is relatively short, it can be planted vertically and has a short growth cycle. It can be harvested about 10-12 times per year, which is very cost-effective plant in the "plant factory".


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