NFT is a  hydroponic technique in which the roots of  a plant grow in a plastic film  or a fixed channel through which the nutrient solution is continuously circulated to provide the plant with the necessary nutrients and water.

The main advantage of NFT system

  • A signficant reduction in water and nutrient consumption.
  • Plantting substrate-related supply,handling,and cost issues are eliminated.
  • It is relatively easy to sterilize roots and equipment compared to other system types.
  • Since no planting substrate is used,it is easy to check for signs of disease and adequate nutrition at the root.
  • Regular supply of nutrients (and associated irrigation) can prevent local accumlation of inorganic salts in the root zone, and maintain the root zone PH and EC unchanged.
  • Environmentally friendly, reducing sewage pollution.

Build a simple NFT hydroponics system

The NFT hydroponic system consists of three parts: Environmental Control, water and fertilizer control, and circulation pipeline.

  • First of all, we need a tank to store the nutrient solution. This tank should be large enough (the tank above is about 378 l/100 Gallon) to keep the nutrient solution for a certain period of time for use by plants, at the same time in the adjustment of Ph and EC to ensure the balance of nutrients and acid-base. The tank recommends using an opaque, uv-stabilized plastic tank to prevent algae or other microorganisms from spreading in the nutrient solution.
  • Build the skeleton, it is recommended that the use of stable anti-rust material. Planting trough length should not exceed 4.5 m. Planting Trough head and tail need to have a gradient difference, the general situation is 2% -3% . The planting trough shown above is 3 meters long, the tail is about 5 cm lower than the head, and the slope is 1.67% .
  • A small hole in the head of each planting tank is designed to allow the nutrient solution to flow in.
  • A large hole is designed at the end of each planting tank to allow the nutrient solution to flow out and circulate to the tank.
  • The inlet water pipe is arranged at the lower part of the framework, and the spacing distance of each planting groove is designed with an outlet pipe to connect the planting groove.
  • A  water pump is placed at the bottom of the tank near the head, and the water is pumped directly into the intake pipe attached to the bottom of the frame.
  • Plant Nutrient Solution and acid-base solution.Manual Ph and EC measurements are required for routine maintenance.

Application of NFT hydroponic system

NFT hydroponic system has become the choice of many large-scale production enterprises, because of its low input cost, saving costs in the initial stage of construction, so that enterprises quickly into the profit model. NFT hydroponic systems are also suitable for small businesses and individual growers to choose from, the early stage does not need too high investment, can also grow high-quality vegetables. The world's population is expected to reach 9.1 billion by 2050, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) , leading to the possibility of a serious imbalance in the supply of vegetables in the future. NFT hydroponics eliminates the risk of disease caused by soil microorganisms, has the advantages of short growth cycle, high yield, low investment, High cost-performance ratio, reble water resources, and the production center can be close to cities and close to consumer markets, nFT hydroponics is a feasible solution to solve the problems of shortage of arable land and water resources by saving transportation and cold storage costs.


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