Our KEY Products 

Fertigation System 

Suitable for large multivalve agriculture systems (open fields, orchards, greenhouses)
Remote and local operation
Multi-irrigation lines, one machine for many lines
EC and pH monitoring
Fertilizer counter and monitoring for each injector

Horticulture LED Grow Light 

High performance LED grow light for the horticulture cultivation. Highly versatile and scalable LED lighting fixtures engineered specifically to power professional propagation, vertical, and multi-tier cultivation. The newest technology ensures that the power consumption is 30-50% lower than comparable products.

Multi-layer Grow Rack System 

Six layer planting racks
Labor savings and cost effective
Versatile system
An entire acre or more can be watered automatically and efficiently 
Plants are watered evenly, reducing losses due to poor watering practices
Plants can be fertilized as they are being watered

Vertical Grow Rack System 

18 implants with a height of 210 meters, including water pipes, water tank pumps. 

Vertical grow racks ebb and flow system for greenhouse provides mobile vertical grow racks, We integrate a carriage and track system to create even more efficiency by eliminating permanent aisles. 
1.The organic cultivation of vegetables at ease
2.Vigorous growth, higher yields
3.Three-dimensional cultivation, saving space.

Intelligent integrated hydroponics machine 

The intelligent automatic liquid dispensing system can adjust the liquid according to the set parameters such as EC value and Ph value, so as to ensure the growth of plants, the best nutritional environment, save the Manpower and improve the working efficiency. Detailed environmental parameters collection: including temperature, humidity, CO2, EC, Ph, automatic control, including lighting time setting, CO2 concentration control, temperature control, environmental parameters collection and output.

Mini Vertical Grow Racks 

Can be used in residential or office environment. 


When the filter is working normally, the water flows through the laminate, and the wall and the groove are used to collect and intercept the sundries. The Composite Internal Cross section of the chip groove provides a three-dimensional filtration similar to that produced in a sandstone filter. So it's a very efficient filter. When the laminated filter is working normally, the laminated filter is locked. Such filters are also rinsed manually or automatically. When you want to wash manually, you can remove the filter element and loosen the compression nut, rinse with water.

Disinfection equipment for pipelines

The equipment uses high-intensity ultraviolet lamp irradiation and destroy the bacteria and virus DNA internal structure, so as to achieve the elimination of pathogenic microorganisms in water disinfection device. The utility model is suitable for the bacterial, viral, fungal and other microbial population lineages which are sensitive to the destructive power of the ultraviolet technology.

Ventilating Fan

Promote internal air circulation, ventilation and heat dissipation


Network with control system to collect agricultural big data

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